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Formosa Pharma is based in Taiwan. We have a nanoparticle formulation platform (APNT™) and two eyedrop assets and one oncology biosimilar.

APNT™ Nanoparticle Formulation Platform

APNT™ Overview
  • Use salt and sugars as a milling media.
  • Increase surface area to enhance dissolution and improve bioavailability.
APNT™ Features

APNT™ utilizes salts instead of traditional milling media like metal beads or plastic beads to reduce particle size, with a lower risk of contamination.

APNT™ Advantages
  • Tunable particle size
  • Less concern about the loss of API integrity
  • Sterile filtration as the final step of the procedure is possible.
APNT™ Scope and Range

APNT™ can be applied to topical, oral, inhaler, and ophthalmic administration routes.

APP13007: Steroid Nanosuspension

APP13007 Target Product Profile

APP13007 is a novel ophthalmic formulation developed with APNT™ technology. It is a multi-dose eyedrop administered twice daily for 14 days to treat inflammation and pain after ocular surgery.

Exceptional Homogeneity and Dispersibility via APNT™

Leveraging from APNT™, APP13007 has exceptional homogeneity and dispersibility.

Comfort and Ease

APP13007 affords a comfortable administration experience.

Enhanced Drug Penetration Absorption

Enhancing drug penetration absorption by six to eight times.

APP13007 Clinical Efficacy

Formosa Pharma conducted two Phase III clinical trials, CPN301 and CPN302. The results are consistent, demonstrating that APP13007 can rapidly resolve ocular inflammation and pain.

Convenient Dosing Regimen Delivery Better Recovery

APP13007 provides both rapid and safe resolution of inflammation and pain through a convenient and straightforward twice-a-day dosing regimen over two weeks.

Other APNT™ Applications

APP13002 Infectious Eye Diseases Treatment

APP13002 is a known macrolide antibiotic with the potential to treat multiple anterior ocular infections.

Enhance AUC / Bioavailability – Curcumin

Studies show that the concentration of APNT™ nanolized curcumin is significantly higher than the unprocessed curcumin powder. Cmax is increased by 8.5 times.

Enhance Distribution For Inhalational Drugs

APNT™ processed fluticasone showed a 5-fold better distribution throughout the respiratory system compared to regular dry powder inhalers, reaching deeper lung areas 7 to 9 times more effectively.

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